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Attention to detail

This is a snapshot of the overview on a report from Wingman Home Inspections. For any home inspection the inspector is supposed to evaluate all stated areas of a home by standards of practice which are adopted and regulated by the state of Oklahoma. I recently got questioned on the timeliness of my inspection. Most information out there would lead to an average time being around 2 hrs. This may be a good average for a 2-3 or even a 4 person team depending on the size of the home. So here’s the interesting part. At 2 hours(120 mins) and 8 areas, that equates to 15 minutes per area(120/8), with hundreds of items and components to check. Now, two hours maybe possible for 2-4 inspectors, but a single inspector is another story. If you have a single inspector done in 2 hours; ask “is 15 minutes an adequate enough time to inspect a system such as the roof, structure, or foundation including a crawl space?”... for a thorough and complete evaluation of the largest purchase/investment for most consumers.

Just a few things to ponder

Always customer focused!

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